Ceramic Coatings

What could possibly replace wax, you ask… look no further than nano technology a.k.a. ceramic coatings. If your vessel is on a regular appearance maintenance schedule you are likely spending more with a wax-based regimen than with our professionally installed and maintained ceramic options. Imagine if all the housekeeping you need to do is wash with dish soap (yes, you read that right!) and dry. That’s it, for years at a time. All while enjoying the following every day:

        • Self-cleaning : Hydrophobic
        • UV Protection : Shared Ingredient with Sunblock
        • Environmental Immunity : Protective 9H Shield
        • Ultimate Gloss : Unique Molecular Formula
        • Oxidation/Corrosion Resistance : Industrial-grade Coating
        • Fuel Efficiency : Reduced Surface Tension

Ceramic can be applied to gelcoat, paint, metals, wood, vinyl cushions, glass, the head, the galley, trailers, boat lifts and other surfaces. Cars and trucks too.

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