Multi-stage Buffing, Polishing & Waxing

The devil is in the details… ever heard that one? Nowhere is that more applicable than the surface preparation stage (sorry, we don’t do porcine cosmetics). Here are some considerations, starting with worst case scenario:
    • Paint and Gelcoat Correction - if the surface has been ignored for a period of time it can become heavily oxidized and even riddled with pinholes. Wet sanding, sometimes with multiple grits, will be required.

    • Stain Removal – usually involves harsh chemicals and is best accomplished before any compounding.

    • Heavy/Medium/Light Compounding – a progression of compounds may be required depending on the level of       oxidation. Surfaces with maximum UV exposure may need more than one compound to effectively remove all traces of oxidation.

    • Polish – important considerations at this stage are swirl/hologram removal as well as beginning to return some gloss to the surface.

    • Wax (skip this stage if installing ceramic coating) –final stage designed to add optimum shine. Some advanced wax products will contain polymers for protection from UV rays and salt.

Along with the choice of buffers and polishers another important consideration is wool versus foam pads. Understanding how and where to use the tools and techniques separates the great detailers from the mediocre.

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