Proper Boat Washing/ Cleaning

For folks who've embraced ceramic coatings the answer is Dawn wash, chamois dry and go home. If you still prefer wax the task is a bit more arduous.
For fans of wax, the list of supplies goes like this:

        • Filtered or soft water if at all possible
        • Bucket, appropriate length hose, plastic nozzle
        • Deck brush poles
        • One soft deck brush attachment, one medium coarse
        • Soft hand brush, coarse hand brush
        • Squeegees, water blades
        • Clean microfiber towels
        • Boat soap
        • Magic Eraser-type pads
        • Stain remover spray
        • Mildew remover
        • Glass cleaner

Dress for the weather! Starting top to bottom, use the supplies as appropriate. Depending on the size and condition of the boat this task could easily take hours. Repeat as often as necessary.

Or call Tarpon Marine Detailing and let us design a maintenance program specific to your vessel and how you use it.

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